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Brief of how pigging work

How pigging work: build a loop in the job site includes pumper, laucher, hose in the pipeline inlet and outlet of the heater. Using our pumper push pig running back and forth in the pipeline to remove coke. Working process is complete environmental friend and no harm for the pipeline.



Paratene vapor phase chemical cleaning technology

Paratene vapor phase chemical cleaning works by steam as a medium, by injection system put the paratene product to petrochemical equipment to results decontamination. Usually, we picked few points injection at same time which according on system working process. We use D-742 clean heavy oil, D740 clean odds(hydro sulfide) and iron sulfide.

帕拉特恩(Paratene )氣相化學清洗


Roto fan hydro blast cleaning

Over view:Roto fan hydo blast cleaning is a unit of pumper could working in high flow and high pressure system.

RotoFan 大直徑管道清洗



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Cleanpipe (shanghai) Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd was established in October 2009 with 8.45 million yuan of registration capital. The company is dedicated to offer&n.



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  • Brief introduction of mechanical coke cleaning

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    High pressure wate

  • Decoking Pigs

  • Decoking Pigs

  • Decoking Pigs

  • Decoking Pigs

  • Decoking Pigs

  • Decoking Pigs



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